How I Doubled My Conversion Rate Overnight!

How much more revenue would you generate with just an increase of 1% in your conversion rate? Whip out your calculator if you have to but in most cases it's a good amount. Now just imagine doubling it.

Here I am going to show you exactly how I doubled my Shopify conversion rate overnight!


1) Quick Buy Bonus

To create urgency unlike any other app I have tried I decided to use Quick Buy Bonus. What's nice is this app includes 3 main functions all in one.

1. Timer

2. Exit Intent Pop Up

3. Buy Now Button

Like the name implies this app REWARDS customers for making the fastest purchases possible. 

I was able to offer free shipping or a discount to people who ordered in the first 2 minutes of visiting the product page.

After trying MANY different variations this is the one I stuck with. (Buy Now - Save 20%)

Accepting the offer brings you straight to checkout and now you're just one step away from becoming a paying customer.

The app comes with a 3-day free trial. So I highly suggest you try it out. It's one of the only paid apps I personally use on my store and the results are just amazing.

Chance To Win $500

If doubling conversion rates wasn't enough for you, the Quick Buy Bonus team gives away $500 each month to a random person who downloaded the app.

You don't even have to keep the app. If you start your 3 day trial and decide it's not a good fit you can uninstall free of charge and you're still entered to win the $500 that month. 

This is their way of saying thanks for just trying out their app!

Guest Writer

Tom Jukso

Tom has been using Shopify since 2017 and now manages over 4 different stores totaling more than 6 figures combined annually.